Weekly Cosmos Report - Baja Night Sky #94

Date: 05/04/2016

Monday, April 4

1) New Moon is Thursday, April 7. With sunset around 7:38pm (MDT) along the Eastcape, it will difficult to spot the thin crescent moon setting half an hour later. Try to find it Friday evening when it sets an hour and 40 minutes after sunset. Also look for the evening "star," the planet Mercury, just to Moon's lower right on Friday (at the 5 o'clock position). If mountains are to your west, sunset will be 10 to 30 minutes after official sunset.

2) Evening skies are dark and moonless this week, and almost so Thursday through Sunday. Now is a great time to join friends on the veranda for an informal star party. A group of us had a great time Friday morning from 4am to 6am looking through David G's new 16 inch Dobsonian at Lunar craters, globular clusters, open clusters, double stars, and Saturn's rings. We were also entertained by 3 satellite passes, a dozen meteors, David C's infectious laugh, and swapping stories waiting for turns at the eyepiece. But just your eyes can take you back thousands of light years into the universe. Look for smudges in the night sky with averted vision, then check out what's there with binoculars.

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