Dig your own Spa at the Hot Water Beach in La Ventana, Baja Sur

Date: 10/01/2014

A well-guarded secret in La Ventana is the hot springs or hot water beach where you can enjoy free hot water right at the beach, just between the reach of the high and low tide at the beach “Agua Caliente” (which translates into Hot Water in Spanish).

All you need to do to have your own natural Jacuzzi is to walk around the sea, at about the point where the water reaches your knees and try to burry your feet a little bit while you walk. You´ll notice that in some spots the water feels warmer. Get out of the water and make a hole right about where the water from the waves reaches. You will see some water beneath the sand, give it a few minutes (about 5 min) and feel the water, if it´s warm you just found a spot. Dig a little bit more and make your own Jacuzzi. It takes some practice to find the right spot, but it’s definitely worth it. Keep in mind that when the tide goes down, the hot water also comes down so it might get too hot to go in, so just be patient and find the spot.
By the way, we discovered that digging with a shovel is a great core exercise.  

Tip: make these at night, bring some food and drinks and enjoy stargazing in your natural Jacuzzi, completely FREE.

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