Direct access to the best MTB in Baja and all Mexico

Date: 05/11/2014

6 MTB ranked

La Ventana mountain bike trails are ranked the best in Baja and all Mexico and can be accessed right from Rancho Sotol property. Ranked by (learn more about this ranking)

Rank 2.  Trail Name: Warren Ave.
Rank 4. Los Topes
Rank 5. Pista Pista
Rank 14. Azadon Grande
Rank 38. Pista Pista Peligrosa
Rank 44. Slim Jims

So you might wonder, what to do after riding the best bike trails. Well you can relax at the beach, if it gets chilly at night, Agua Caliente is not bad at all considering it has hot springs at the beach. Socializing at night? Yes, Playa Central Beach Club and Baja Joes serve nice food and drinks and there’s always a crowd of interesting people.

Other world-class activities to do here:

  • Kite surfing (Ranked on world´s top 5 by Discovery News) 
  • Spearfishing
  • Sport fishing (mahi-mahi, tuna, marlin, rooster fish, you name it! ) 
  • Scuba

Rancho Sotol offers a unique property in Baja for outdoor lovers in one of the best spots in Mexico.

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