The Hot Water Springs in La Ventana / El Sargento, Baja Sur, Mexico

Date: 30/05/2014

One of Baja's Hottest Spots (literally)


A hot water spring on the beach is not a very common phenomenon. In New Zealand there’s a beach with this particular phenomenon that attracts around 700,000 people each year. But don’t worry; La Ventana’s hot water beach is never crowded.

But why and where do these hot water currents come from that allows us to dig up a “hot tub” right at the beach? Well we’ve done some research, and although there’s not much information about it yet, they do know that El Sargento and La Ventana follow the direction of a north-south fault and underwater wells have partial thermal waters mixed with sea water. The maximum temperature that they’ve observed on the beach was 68 C (155 F). 
Scientists are about to begin to recollect water samples from a thermal component on different parts of Los Planes, Santiago and Los Cabos. 

However and whatever this phenomenon is, it’s surely one of La Ventana’s greatest assets, specially for relaxing after all the world class sports you can practice here. Watch a video of how it’s done.

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