Rammed Earth Homes in Baja Sur, Mexico

Date: 30/05/2014

The great benefits of rammed earth homes

(Render from the project Anica which will be build in lot P21. For more information visit

Rammed earth homes are not only built for their amazing look feel and touch. There many other benefits to rammed earth walls and that’s why it’s one of Rancho Sotol’s main construction materials. Some of the benefits include:

-Superior insulation qualities:  ideal for extreme climates and allow you to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which also allows you to keep your cooling and heating costs at a minimum. 
-Noise reduction: sound doesn’t bounce off these walls as easy, making it more comfortable and cozy. 
-Maintenance free: saves you time and money. Rammed earth walls are an architectural finish that stands alone and doesn’t need finishing with plaster, render, paint, wallpaper or tiles. However, if you want to add them they can be applied.
- Strength and durability: rammed earth walls will last for decades in pretty much anything nature can throw at it, and with new technologies and waterproofing the walls are now even stronger and more durable than ever.
-Fire proof: You cant burn earth, which makes these walls fireproof and safe.
-Load bearing: These walls can be used as load baring in construction which can reduce building costs in some cases.
-No termites and other pests
-Environmentally friendly: rammed earth building is more earth friendly than any other solid masonry product. Part of this is due to the process which requires no firing (like bricks do), so there are no kilns, toxic emissions or damaging greenhouse gases.


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